We are not being ruled by military – Bridget Otoo on Ashaiman attacks

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Bridget Otoo

Outspoken Ghanaian media personality Bridget Otoo has condemned the military for unwarrantedly attacking residents of Ashaiman following the murder of a military person last Saturday.

The reprisal attack has forced the township in a self-imposed curfew to save themselves from the rage of the military.

Viral videos on social media have scenes of some men in military uniforms brutalising some of the residents.

That’s not all, the military invaded the community with an armoured bus and helicopter which was seen flying over the township.

The videos showing the brutalities happening at the Ashaiman have received wide condemnation from the public and a clearly upset Bridget Otoo will have none of it.

In a series of tweet earlier today, Bridget called out the actions of the military stating emphatically that the men in uniform should know better that the country was not under military dictatorship.

“Forget Ashaiman for a second and insert East Legon. A soldier is killed there & as a result the military goes to East Legon and assault residents of East Legon.

“It’s Ashaiman so you think they deserve it. We are not being ruled by Military. Or Police no longer investigate crime (sic)?” she stated.

She added that until appropriate measures were taken to stop them, individuals like herself would speak out about such ills that authorities continue to turn a blind eye on.

“We will defend our country. We are not cowards like you. Keep sucking up to them. The country isn’t for the military and sure as hell wasn’t built by them.”

A report by Graphic Online’s Enoch Darfah Frimpong states that more than 72 people have been arrested and taken into custody by the soldiers who stormed Ashaiman Tuesday dawn after a mob allegedly killed a soldier at the weekend.

According to the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Ernest Henry Norgbey, he has been informed that the soldiers took the people they arrested away.


On Tuesday dawn (March 7, 2023), some alleged soldiers numbering not less than 20 stormed the area.

They questioned anyone they came across and reportedly beat them up.

This forced people to lock themselves up in their homes, fearing they will be beaten up by the soldiers.

Some eyewitnesses have recounted their experience on social media.

Some said they saw the soldiers around 2am.

One person said he woke up around 4am to see that the area which was usually busy around that time with many shops opened was still very quiet.

His assumption was that it was as a result of the downpour but when he stepped out, he saw some soldiers on the stretch, there were no vehicles moving.

He saw soldiers approaching so he quickly rushed back into the house and locked the gate



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