There Are 150 Armoured Bullion Vans Set For Deployment On July 1 – ABOG

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Alhaji Iddi Sumaila, President of the Association of Bullion Operators Ghana (ABOG), has disclosed that starting July 1, 2023, only armoured bullion vans will be used.

According to him, no soft-skinned vehicle will be utilised to convey cash.

He stated that the Association is dedicated to ensuring that all banks across the country use the available 150 bullion vehicles by the deadline.

“From 1st July, I can assure the general public that no soft-skinned vehicles will be seen on our roads. We have been using the soft-skinned awaiting the deadline. It is actually a programme we are looking at holistically. So no soft-skinned vehicles will be on our roads.”

He indicated that the initiative had been in progress before the recent Ablekuma bullion van robbery which led to the death of a police officer.

“That has been the plan, it is not because of this issue. Progress has been made and that was the agreement with the Bank of Ghana and all other stakeholders that from July we will have to transition.”

“By 1st of July [2023], we will see banks using armoured vehicles/bullion vans. However, other banks have not finalised the agreement with us. We have about 150 bullion vans in the country. Most banks have signed contracts with us to deploy to them,” he said in an interview with Citi Fm.




Source: rainbow radio

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