Rex Omar: It’s not true Ghanaians don’t support their own

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The saying that “Ghanaians don’t support their own” has obviously become a cliché particularly among players in the creative industry.

However, veteran highlife singer, Rex Omar believes that narrative should not be encouraged since there were bad nuts in very group who undermine the positive agenda of a larger group.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz recently, he mentioned that even though he agrees that Ghanaian artistes cannot have all all-round support, the support of Ghanaians for creative talents have never been in doubt.

“I don’t agree with those who say Ghanaians don’t support their own, it is not true. Our artistes can’t have an all-round support but at least, Ghanaians support them, either craft, personality or anything they find interesting”, he said.

Rex Omar encouraged Ghanaian artistes to offer their best when they find themselves on any reputable global platform since such opportunities were rare.

“Before the period of digital and technical growth, it was just you, your craft and your country, but now, we live in what we like to call a global village, so use every platform you have to communicate your craft well so that the larger community can enjoy it and your culture as well,” he added.

The Abiba hitmaker also questioned the reason for which people call-out the creative skills of artistes.

According to Rex Omar, who is also the Board Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), no one had the right to judge the works of artistes, particularly when such works positively projected the country on the international stage.

He argued that condemnation of creative works affected the confidence of creatives in putting forward their products, which was a bad score to the growth of the industry.


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