Inspired Alswel Foundation Donates To Bosome Freho

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Inspired Alswel Foundation has donated school uniforms, school Bags, Sneakers and Exercise Books to pupils of Nkwantapong D/A Primary school in Bosome Freho District in Ashanti region.

The donation which was done in collaboration with LaBelle Foundation came out when a teacher of the school posted a video of some pupils wearing torn uniform, walking barefooted and looking out of place. The founder of the inspired Alswel Foundation Mr Alswel Annan said it was a heart – wrenching sight and highlighted the challenging circumstances that these pupils found themselves in when watching the videos on social media.

He added that it was this distressing situation that prompted the foundation to take action and offer assistance to the school since the goal of the foundation is to bring hope and happiness to these innocent children and alleviate some of the struggles they are facing.
He said ” we wiped away their tears , addressed some of their frustrations and solved the dilemma of whether they should attend school without proper uniform and learning materials”.

Mr Anning Isaac a class six (6) teacher who posted the videos on social media also said most of the students come to school with empty stomach and because of that concentration in classes is very low and called on both ministry of education and Gender and children to add the school to the school feeding program.

Mr Anning thanked the foundation for the donation and said it will go a long way to encourage the pupils to come to school since most of the pupils lack most of these educational materials.

According to the foundation the donation was an opportunity to identify the challenges faced by these pupils and were shocked to find out that the classrooms were more like deteriorated make shift structures; students had no desks and no reading materials. It made us question whether these pupils were being adequately protected and supported





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