‘If you want sex, say it’ – Nadia Buari goes on relationship rant

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Nadia Buari

We don’t know who or what has triggered Nadia Buari but she is not happy about some relationship issues so she is venting it all out.

The Ghanaian actress has taken to social media to speak her mind about people who use others in a relationship. According to the mother of four who has been married to a man she has never disclosed publicly, people should be straightforward with their wants.

F*** beating around the bush. If sex is all you want, Make that sh** clear. If you want a relationship, Make that sh** clear. If you want somebody to talk to while your significant other is acting up,” the superstar actress said.

Nadia Buari

In the post shared on her social media page, she continued that “make that she clear. Don’t use people! Make it clear in the beginning and you won’t have problems in the end“.

Nadia Buari did not add details to her post, leaving room for social media users to assume the intention behind her rant or what could also be term as relationship advice to those who need it.

Nadia Buari’s post

Nadia has four children with her husband. She gave birth to a set of twin girls in February 2015, a baby girl in February 2017 and the last one in January 2018.

Though being in the limelight and a lover of social media, she has, however, managed to keep her children’s identities and names away from the public just as nothing is known about her husband and marriage.


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