Idris Elba has made a final decision on being The Next James Bond

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Idris Elba has made a ‘final decision’ on being the next James Bond.

The 50-year-old actor is best known for his role in the BBC drama Luther, however, he’s also appeared in films such as The Suicide Squad and Zootopia.

For years, Elba has been a fan favourite to take over the iconic 007 role, with many believing he’s the perfect fit.

Daniel Craig, 54, made the decision to leave the James Bond franchise following 2015’s Spectre.

He made his final appearance as the secret agent in No Time To Die in 2021.

Ever since fans have been waiting for word of who will take over the role next – and Elba has made it pretty clear where he stands.

During an appearance at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Elba referenced becoming Bond and whether or not it was something he’s considering.

The Beast star implied he won’t have any time for such a big project, especially as his Luther movie will be coming out soon.

He reportedly said (via Express): “We’ve been working on the television show for about 10 years and so the natural ambition is to take it to the big screen, and so we’re here with the first movie.

“You know, a lot of people talk about another character that begins with J and ends with B, but I’m not going to be that guy.

“I’m going to be John Luther. That’s who I am.”

Many people are taking to Twitter and saying they’re disappointed by his comments, as they believe he’d be ‘great’ in the role.

One person tweets: “Mannn, he would have been a great Bond!”

“That’s too bad,” another adds. “I was hoping for him.”

A third person says: “Damn, he would be spectacular in the role!”

“Would have been a solid choice,” someone else remarks.

Regardless of whether Elba would like the role, the producers have reportedly ruled him out already.

According to film editors Tom Cross and Elliot Graham, the actor would need to be ’10 years younger’ to be considered.

Graham told The Daily Star: “I honestly think that had he been ten years younger than Daniel, Idris Elba would be playing the next Bond but as they’re a similar age then that’s the thing.

“But I don’t know someone amazing, because Daniel is hard to follow.”



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