I don’t need money, what matters is my happiness – Akrobeto speaks on new TV offer (WATCH)

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Akrobeto has justified Nana Ama McBrown’s departure from Despite Media to Media General.


The iconic Ghanaian actress who served as the host of UTV’s entertainment programme ‘United Showbiz’ has departed from Despite Media to join Media General’s Onua TV.

Nana Ama McBrown’s departure has sparked controversy and name-calling from some employees of Despite Media but Akrobeto sees nothing wrong with McBrown’s move.

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Speaking during a radio interview, Akrobeto, who also hosts a comic show, Real News, on UTV has said he sees nothing wrong with McBrown’s departure.

When I noticed another person apart from Abeokuta Santana has started hosting her show, I called her and she disclosed to me that she is going to work somewhere else over certain reasons ,” Akrobeto said.

Quizzed by the hosts if that is usual, he replied “nothing bad has happened. She had a new offer so she left it’s as simple as ABCD”.

One of the hosts said he heard Akrobeto had also received some offers. Commenting on that, the actor said “you know this word, everyone have their way of life and thoughts. When it comes to me, whether there’s an offer or no offer, I don’t really need money like that. What I need is peace of mind and happiness”.

It’s however unclear which offers Akrobeto has received as he hasn’t spoken about any in the video below.


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