Honest drivers explain why they returned GH¢200,000 to owner

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Two drivers who returned an amount of GH¢200,000 they found to its rightful owner in Kumasi have been explaining their decision to the media.

In a television interview with UTV, the two drivers whose names were not disclosed said they chanced upon the money wrapped in a polythene bag late at night in their vehicle and only counted it when they closed their duties at a lorry station in Oforikrom in Kumasi.

They said they kept the bag and after counting it, it amounted to GH¢200,000 and they contemplated handing it over to the Police.

They said they handed it over to a trusted Police officer, which one of them knew personally and later reported it to Kumasi-based radio station Hello FM to make an announcement about the money.


In an interview, one of the drivers said it was better to return the money to its owner than to keep it and attract curses for their future generations.

He said they had no regrets and were grateful to God that they returned the money to its owner.

In another interview, the owner of the money told Hello FM that he contemplated suicide after losing the money and had not had a proper meal in days.

There has been a mixed reaction to their decision to return the money with some social media users praising them for their honesty while others have criticised them for rejecting a blessing from God. Read some of the tweets below;









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