Hajia4Real Jailed & Daughter Taken Away From Her By The US Govt? – Management Issues Statement

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Mona Faiz Montrage otherwise known as Hajia4real is not on trial or has been sentenced to a 10-year in prison in the US or the UK, her management says.

This follows last week’s viral social media reports that she had been on a 10-year jail.

It was also alleged that her daughter was taken away from her by the US government.

However, the management of the songstress and socialite said none of the rumours was true.

In a statement, it said the reports were false.

“Our attention has been drawn to publications making rounds on social media and news portals of the conviction and 10-year jail sentence of Mona Faiz Montrage and the current detention of her daughter; a minor, by the US authorities.

“We would like to state categorically that the said reports are false,” the statement said. It further added that the songstress was currently in the United Kingdom.

The management says there has not been any trial or conviction in either the USA or the UK.

According to the management also, Hajia4real has not been extradited to the US and her daughter has neither been taken by the US authorities.

The management however urges fans and the general public to disregard any publications that were made concerning the songstress and their family.

However, it has been silent on when Hajia4real planned to return to Ghana.






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