GWCL bemoans rampant meter theft in Kasoa, Dansoman, other places

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The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has bemoaned what it says is the alarming rate at which its meters and other connection equipment are stolen.

Management of GWCL says the theft is predominantly at its Accra West operational areas.

Expressing concern over the issue, the company in a press release said it had “observed with grave concern the alarming rate at which some members of the public are stealing water meters and water connection materials in its operational area. The thievery of water meters takes place predominantly in our Kasoa, Nyanyano, Amasaman and Dansoman Operational Districts.”

The company further disclosed that it loses up to ten water meters every day.

“On a typical day, as many as ten (10) cases of meter thefts are recorded in some of the Districts mentioned above, especially within the Kasoa and Nyanyano enclave of the Accra West Region. At the point of writing this release, we have 40 Police Extracts from Customers in our Nyanyano District alone, covering the last quarter of 2022 to date, in connection with stolen water meters.”

GWCL also bemoaned the high cost of these meters and connection materials that some members of the public continue to steal, depriving some areas of water supply, and said it had worked with the police to cause the arrest of one suspect at Nyanyano

“It is important to note that these water meters and water connection materials come at a great cost to the Company and so culprits should desist from such acts.

“On Tuesday, March 2023, we caused the arrest of a gentleman in Nyanyano who was on the rampage breaking water connections and stealing the materials. The gentleman is currently in police custody at the Ngleshie Amanfrom Police Station and will face the full rigours of the law.”

“We are by this release, appealing to the public to be on the lookout for such perpetrators and report all suspected cases to the Police or GWCL to help curb the incidence of meter theft,” the company further pleaded for help to avert the worrisome occurrences.




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