“Graduating from university doesn’t guarantee employment” – Senyo Hosi

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According to Senyo Hosi, a Finance and Policy Economic Analyst, graduating from university does not automatically guarantee employment.

In an interview with Rev Erskine on Y107.9FM’s YLeaderboard Series on March 15, 2023, Mr Hosi explained that employers are no longer solely interested in degree holders. Instead, he stated that they seek individuals who have developed skills during their time at university.

Mr Hosi emphasized that attaining these skills requires intentional effort, and graduates must invest in them to become attractive to employers.

“As an employer, I am not interested in your degree,” Mr Hosi explained.

“I am looking for specific skills that you may have acquired during your studies. These skills are not always evident, and you must identify and develop them intentionally.”

Mr Hosi also pointed out that individuals who have not attended university can still acquire valuable skills and thrive in the job market.

Mr Hosi went on to emphasize that it is the value an individual delivers in the workplace that sets them apart, not just their educational background.

He stressed that building skills are essential for graduates, especially the youth, who are seeking employment.

Overall, Mr Hosi’s advice is that university graduates should focus on developing their skills, rather than simply relying on their degrees to secure employment.


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