Ghana Is Safe Investment Hub In Africa , USA Philanthropist Advises Investors As He Cut Sod For The Construction Of Ultra Modern Community Centre

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United State of America Philanthropist , Mr. Richard Flynn has described Ghana as a safe investment hub in West Africa and Africa at large hence the need for investors to channel their resources in Ghana to help develop the country.

According to Mr. Richard Flynn, the unity , love , respect for humanity as well as the peaceful coexistence between Ghanaians and other foreigners in the country encourages foreigners to invest their resources to help develop the country.

By virtue of Ghana’s reputation as a peaceful country in Africa, he further noted his intentions to bring his skill set and connections from the US to assist government and the chiefs to help develop Ghana espercially deprived communities.

The philanthropist revealed this in an interview during a sod cutting ceremony to construct an ultra modern community centre for the chiefs and the people of New Koforidua in the Ashanti region.

He said “I have my residency here in Ghana , we came here as a family to this tail end of the country and we are just continuing to stay and enjoy the beautiful country that we are in , it always amaze me because people are always trying to get to America that seem to be the dream of every Ghanaian but my dream is really to bring America here because Ghana have everything here , you have the family , community , you have the whole unit together as one”

“We are super proud to have start a project here in New Koforidua and then continue our growth , l am determined to work with the government and the chiefs to bring my skill set and also my connections from the US to really see to develop Ghana , to bring jobs in the area and also build developmental projects such as this” Richard Flynn explained.

To him, the community centre project is a modernize complex structure which will serve many purpose to the people of New Koforidua.

“We are going to put up a full community stunner , it going to have obviously the stands , is going to be concrete platform it will be three sided and then the other side will have rest room , there will be dressing rooms and obviously the offices , so it is going to be really a nice good size project and a great place for the community to meet the other and come together”

Mr. Richard Flynn further rated Ghana as a peaceful country safe for investment and development by saying “coming here I found it as one of the most amazing places I have ever visited , everyone is so nice so friendly, it’s just an amazing place , we started a facebook page that ‘plan Ghana’ and overnight we got over fifteen thousand followers on facebook already and it continuing to blow up and I think people are ready for a change and so when I see something like this happening hopefully it just completely revitalize the whole community fortitude and I will make sure that this dream becomes a reality”.

The Chief of New Koforidua , Nana Yaw Sarpong Kumankuma (I) was enthused with the gesture of the philanthropist Mr. Richard Flynn and his family and called on the community to offer him the needed support in his effort to develop the community.

However, the chief of New Koforidua lamented and pounced on the slow pace of development in the community saying the community is deprived with many social amenities such as police station , community centre, palace and public place of convenience.

The chief elucidated further that the absence of police station in the community has paved way for all manner of criminal activities in the area leaving the whole community in fear.

He therefore appealed to the government and the community members in the diaspora to come to the aid of the community.




Source: Michael Akrofi

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