Ejisu NPP In Flames Over Party Polls


Some Members of the New Patriotic Party in the Ejisu Constituency of the Ashanti Region are up in arms against the Party hierarchy over the recent Polling station elections held claiming it was illegal, hence calling for fresh polls to take place.

According to the group, led by one Ntim Twumasi Kwaku who led a demonstration against the party recently, addressing a presser said the recent polling station election conducted was unlawful and illegal.

He lamented that one pressure group known as “Young Patriots” a fan club of the MP for Ejisu, John Kumah, on the blind side of the Constituency Executives, in defiance of shared common sense and a complete disregard for procedural rules, were captured in photographs and video documentaries declaring other known members of the fan club as elected polling station executives for the various polling stations in the constituency, deep in the midnight, when there had not been any legitimate election.

The above allegations among others contained in a petition filed to the office of the General Secretary of the NPP to investigate.

Following this development, some of the aggrieved members of the party had to run to the High Court to find a resolution to the situation since the leadership of the party had not demonstrated the slightest seriousness or interest in getting the matter resolved internally.

The Court granted leave for the issue to be heard by an ADR committee which was chaired by Cecilia Dapaah, Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation to find an amicable solution to the issue but no communication on the matter has been made although the committee has sat on the same case, as is alleged by the aggressive group.


However, in defense, the communications officer for the Ejisu constituency, Alexandra Owusu has rubbished rumours that NPP members in the party have demanded fresh polling station elections.

In a press statement, he noted that those peddling such information are only seeking to stoke fire in the peaceful constituency.

According to him, the recently held press conference by the group named Independent Patriotic Movement sought to seek their parochial interests since their membership was made up of past polling station executives.

The Communications officer stated that the claims that a new and fresh polling station election should be held were hollow and without substance since the constituency in a legal manner has gone past that stage of electing members who form the base of the party.

He said the signatories to the statement are individuals who no longer serve as constituency executives of the party but are pretending to be holders of positions they haven’t been elected to hold.

“We will also like to remind the imposters that the New Patriotic Party rules and regulations are clear on people like them who seek to break away from the party and will like to caution them to desist further or risk incurring the wrath of the law”

“Our investigation so far shows that these allegations are at the request of a former Member of Parliament of the constituency who wants to set the tone to run as an independent candidate and so has resorted to lies and propaganda to whip up public sentiments” the statement underscored.

Source: dailyguidenetwork.com





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