Do Not Eat Pork and Grasscutter – Ampong Advises

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Gospel musician Great Ampong, also known as Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, has advised Christians to refrain from consuming unclean animals such as grass cutters and pork.

This statement comes shortly after Sonnie Badu’s controversial remarks regarding the consumption of pork.

During an interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Property Radio, Great Ampong cited Leviticus chapter 7 verse 8 to differentiate between clean and unclean animals, including pork, rats, mice, and other similar animals.

“I will advise any Christian who likes eating pork to desist from it because it’s not good and besides, it’s a simple location for demonic possession.

“When you eat pork you are giving yourself up for attacks and it’s not an animal you should focus on but at night you’ll see many people buying pork with fried yam,” he said

He suggested that consuming pork could lead to demonic possession, and advised Christians to stay away from it.

Great Ampong also acknowledged that he had consumed pork before but stopped due to its potential health risks, particularly its high-fat content.

“I have eaten some before but when I realised it was dangerous I stopped because the fats alone in the animal will scare you from going closer to it,” he stated.



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