Akuapem Poloo On Why She Does Not Have S3x With Her Boyfriend…

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Ghanaian actress, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, is blaming some ladies for what she sees as cheap sex.

According to her, “now some of the Ghanaian guys, immediately they have sex with you, they won’t even support you again, they think they’ve gotten what they want, they’ll shower you with everything just to have sex with you and leave you afterward,” he said on Tuesday, May 6.



Speaking on Joy Prime, the socialite further stated that “most of the Ghanaian girls too have made sex cheap”.



The 34-year-old mother added that she is currently not engaged in any sexual activity with her partner since she converted to Islam. Poloo said her heartfelt desire is to have another child but she does not want to do that out of wedlock.

“Since I committed we’re not having any sexual intimacy,” she said.

“I’m of age now and I’m mature, I want to give birth, I’m ready, so I’m asking Allah if possible I want to get married first, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I made earlier, I was young then.”



“Now I want to marry before I give birth but I want that to happen either this year or next year. I’ve been dating for seven years now,” she disclosed.

During her birthday on June 1, Akuapem Poloo caught the attention of many as she looked elegant in a star-studded gown posted on her Instagram page.

She wore a white veil that covered the back of her hair, extended to her waist and draped her side.





source: peacefmonline.gh







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