Actor Majid Michel Reveals Real Reason He Lost His Voice

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Actor Majid Michel has for the first time opened up on what really cost him his voice. Although he had said in a few interviews in the past that he lost his voice because he loved to argue a lot, his latest interview proves there is more to it than the reasons he gave in the past.

He said on Hitz FM on Monday, February 20, 2023 that he was once driving from Champs Hotel in Accra when his car was ran into by another car from behind.

Majid explained that right after the incident, he started experiencing breaks in his voice and ever since, he has not recovered from that.

“We were coming from Champs [Hotel], we just entered the road, from wona back some two cars dey race from GBC dey come. Some Mercedes E-Class den some other car. Dem Jee wona back bommm!!! Crazy whiplash so the whole axle under my car, came all the way to the back seat,” he narrated.

“This is the first time I am telling this story because number one, I never associate with this but listen, immediately we got down from the car, my voice started breaking when I was talking to the guy,” Majid added.

He, however, noted that when he told his doctors this story, they said it could never to be from the accident.

“But I said right after that particular accident, when I got down from the car, when I was talking, my voice was breaking,” he further recounted.

The ‘Crime to Christ’ actor said a couple of months after the accident, he was traveling and when he got to the airport he started speaking in falsetto because it was more comfortable speaking like that than having his voice oscillate between the low and high pitches.

He said the low tone of his voice has not waned, but because it takes air to power the vocal cords, it appears he does not get enough air to help him to speak.

“It feels like the air coming from my lungs finish too quick. So there is not air left,” he indicated.

Asked if this challenge with his voice has affected his acting career, he answered in the affirmative and added that as a result of his situation, he does not even accept long movie scripts.

Majid Michel is known for movies such as ‘Heart of Men’, ‘Somewhere in Africa’, ‘Crime to Christ’, ‘4Play’, ‘Chelsea’, among others.

He currently starred in Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Kotoka’ movie.




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